Planet Access is a unique, high-end retail store with a mission. All purchases made at the store support the programs of Search, Inc., which empower adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential.

Through our partnership with Toad&Co, we offer premier brands that specialize in sustainable, socially responsible clothing, jewelry, and home decor. Planet Access carries brands that tell a story – whether that’s a story of social good, a story of a local Chicago artisan, or a story of a brand that is dedicated to eco sustainability.  All of these stories have one thing in common, a goal to make the planet a better place to live, learn, work and play.

Planet Access is a Toad&Co partner store. Toad&Co is not in the business of making clothes – it’s in the business of change. Toad&Co aims to clean up a dirty apparel industry, educate people on sustainable practices, and inspire folks to live their fullest lives. From their California headquarters to their storefronts across the country, they are doing their part to be good neighbors everywhere you find the Toad.

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